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Thursday, July 1, 2010

335 - Baby Kisses

Another wretched day at work; this one worse than yesterday. And long too, at least 12 hours. Ug. I did, however, take a break to run over to Booch's to borrow a suitcase for my Wyoming trip. Hadn't seen T-ster in a while ... what a JOY! He was all laughter and energy. As you see in the pic, the suitcase was just the right size for him. Later, he put some of his toys in it so I would have company in Wyoming. The cutest thing, though, was saying goodbye. He came running over for a hug and kiss goodbye. I found out that I was very special because he gave me a 2nd kiss.

What an awesome way to lift my spirits out of the gutter ... baby kisses!


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