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Saturday, July 3, 2010

337 - Angel Who Left Her Wings At Home

I don't often make big mistakes, but early this morning, I found out I made a HUGE one.  I thought my flight was leaving at 7:25am.  I get to the airport at 6am to find out that I booked a 7:25PM flight.  Shit.  The guy at the baggage checkin told me to see if one of the ticket agents could get me on an earlier flight.  She actually managed to get me on flights that matched when I thought I was flying into Denver.  My flight was only 30 minutes later than what I thought I booked.  I told her she was an angel who left her wings at home.

2nd big positive of the day was to finally see Samantha!!!  Even though I was exhausted and doped up on Benadryl, it was so good to just sit and talk to her.  What a gem of a young lady!

Speaking of exhaustion, it's time to try to get some rest.

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