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Friday, July 2, 2010

336 - #3 Car Wins!

A couple of wretched days turned into a wretched week.  I had the second end of month to do tonight, as well as clean the house and pack for vacation.  Because of all of this, I missed a party that I really, really, really wanted to go to, which put me in a pissy mood.  I had the Nationwide race on while I was racing around the house, but with about 10 laps to go, I gave myself permission to sit down and watch the end of the race.  Am really glad that I did.

Dale Jr. was driving the #3 Wrangler Car, probably the last time we'd see the #3 car on the track.  That paint scheme, he says, was his favorite of his dad's cars.  He was leading when I sat down to watch the end, there was a caution but he stayed out.  Without fresh tires, he still stayed in front and won the race.  As he came back around the track after taking the checkered flag, everyone in the stands was holding up 3 fingers.

As Tony Eury Jr. said after the race, "We lost everything at this track."  It was good to get some of it back.

It will be 10 years in February since we lost Dale Earnhardt, but he is never gone to the race fans.

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