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Monday, July 5, 2010

339 - Cowboy Up!

Today was to be our day to go horseback riding.  I was supposed to have reserved us an early morning, half day ride, but the insanity of last week meant it didn't get done.  So, we called the place just outside of Yellowstone, and we could take the 2 hour noon ride.  Yea!

After a big breakfast, we headed into Yellowstone to kill time until our ride.  Today was absolutely beautiful. Blue skies, white fluffy clouds, comfortable temps.  The temps did drop down to 49 at the top of whatever pass we went through in Yellowstone, but climbed back into the 50's otherwise.  The big lake had white caps - the wind was up, and it was quite chilly.

The horseback ride itself was WONDERFUL!  (We had a guide on his first day who just wouldn't shut up which was annoying.)  My horse, Tenderfoot, was the most stubborn horse.  I could handle him until we got to this one place on the route.  Evidently, that is where the hour tour turns to go back to the coral, and Tenderfoot turned and simply would not move, no matter how hard I kicked or pulled.  So, the mouthy guide had to come and grab the lead rope and pull Tenderfoot up the mountain.  I wasn't complaining - now I didn't have to work, and Motor Mouth had to work.  We stopped for a while at the top, about 8800 feet, for pictures.  When we started back down, Suzann and I made sure to get to the front, away from Motor Mouth.  The ride down was great.  We never came out of our sweatshirts the whole ride!

Dinner was great in the hotel bar ...  I saw Pat in the parking lot; she joined us and it was great catching up with her.  Other Motor Maids came in and before we left, you couldn't hear yourself think there was so much chatter!

Low tonight of 46.  These temps are a little piece of heaven!

Cowboy up!


Bear print to the right of the flat stone ...

Wyoming photo album:

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