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Friday, July 9, 2010

343 - Until We Meet Again

Today, the saddest day of vacation; the day I head home.  I'm not ready.  I feel there's more I need to do here in Wyoming, but I've run out of time.  There's a seat on a plane waiting for me tomorrow morning, and lots to do once I get back to Jacksonville.

Fortunately, I was able to get away from Cody without seeing anyone (besides Suzann) that I needed to say goodbye to.  All the goodbye's, be safe, see you next year's were said the night before.  It literally took over an hour to get out of the banquet room with everyone I wanted to see or who wanted to see me.  This morning, I was on the road by 7am.

When I got to Wind River Canyon (2 pics above), I got the video camera out, and videoed most of the run through the canyon.  Don't know yet how it turned out.

Further south in Wyoming, I saw the sign "Hell's Half Acre," and this time was able to quickly stop.  (I saw the sign last Sunday but couldn't get stopped in time to turn in.)  I was the only one there, and it was a very interesting experience. 

"Hell's Half Acre - a geological masterpiece. ... To those who have not experienced Hell's Half Acre, the name would suggest a small parcel of land, when in fact, the half acre encompasses more than 300 acres in the middle of the Wyoming prairie, flanked by mountains and valleys. Over fifty million years ago, the Earth was shifting and wreaking havoc. Left behind the restless movements of aging Earth were depressions and breaks in the land. ... There are many stories haunting the hills and lurking in the shadows. The ghost of a beautiful young Indian woman moves freely through the canyons, protecting the area and warding off evil. The spirits of tens of thousands of buffalo who perished by plummeting off cliffs now roam the deserted range. It is rumored that a mysterious, dark, unsocial figure lurks inside one of the many dark and labyrinth-type caves. This eerie shadow has been seen by many a weary traveler along Wyoming Highway 20/26, leaving them with the impression that 'something' is there."

As I said, I was by myself, and spent over 30 minutes there, looking at the rock formations, imagining herds of buffalo plunging to their deaths as Indians chased them over the cliffs, and just listening.  There is most definately something mystical there.  I walked as close to the edge of some of the cliffs as I dared; I did not want my bones scattered amongst those of the buffalo.  Will post pics when I can get them out of my camera.

On the way to Denver, I was able to have a quick dinner with Samantha.  She's such a lovely young woman to sit and talk with.  It's sad, to me, that we'll be 2000 miles apart again.  I hate when young friendships have to survive the test of space so soon.  As I was getting ready to leave Cheyenne, the skies opened up with quarter-sized hail and heavy rain.  Sam said it was Cheyenne telling me I wasn't to leave.  I think it might have also been my spirit saying it wasn't time to leave.  I'll be back ... I know it.

Until then,

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