Don't believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you'll see the way to fly.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

184 - Saint Joan

I didn't know what my positive was going to be today ... that I finished all my laundry?  That I was able to have a fire going most of the day?  Well, I realized my positive while driving home from my acting class.  It was watching SCW do her monologue from Saint Joan by George Bernard Shaw.

My knowledge of the classics is pretty much nill.  What I know, I've learned in the last couple years from community theatre.  I rarely have a desire to read or learn more; it just doesn't capture my interest.  But let me tell you - watching and listening to SCW do this monologue from Saint Joan had me captivated.  It's amazing to watch SCW walk up on stage as herself, close her eyes and take a deep breath, and then Joan is who we see and hear.  Her talent is inspiring.

I've had the priviledge to get to know SCW over the past few months, and she is a most delightful woman.  I value the friendship that we have, and hope that we will share a stage together again.


(PS - that is not her in the photo, but an actress in London who played Saint Joan.)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

183 - A Good Book

In my opinion, there's nothing better than curling up on the couch with a cat and a good book while listening to the music of the rain.

My book and cat are calling again ....

Friday, January 29, 2010

182 - Weekend

When I used to work from home every weekend, Friday wasn't that big of a deal.  Now that I've cut my hours back, Friday is definately a TGIF day.  To quote ML, "Howdy, Weekend! GREAT to see you!!"  To make this Friday even better, Publix had ribeyes on sale.  Woot!  Time for dinner.


Some LOLCats for ya.  The last one ... I busted out laughing.

181 - More Drugs Please

I used to joke that I knew Speedweeks in Daytona were here because I start sneezing.  At work on Thursday, we were talking that we thought it might be something in our office that was causing all of us (all 3 of us) to have head colds and/or sinus infections, but alas, I realized mine wasn't a returning infection, it was an allergy attack. Damn it all to hell!  From around 2pm until I finally passed out after 9pm, I popped antihistamines and sneezed.  I did watch the Lady Vols game, but have vague recollection of it.  I couldn't find my keys this morning to go to work ... found them! They were still hanging in the front door.  Oy!

Yes, I can find a positive in a day like that - 1) I had plenty of antihistamine in the house; 2) My job is flexible enough that I could come home and crash; 3) I had nothing scheduled last night that had to be cancelled; 4) Fringe can be watched online since I don't remember any of it.  Yes, I found the silver lining in the misery of seasonal allergies.

Tonight I start taking Benadryl at bedtime.  It's the only way to fight off the oak and pine pollen for the next 6 weeks.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

180 - Stuck Balls

It has been one of those days.  Not necessarily negative, yet nothing screams out positive either.  Tossed and turned last night due to some issues we're discussing at work.  (Meeting tomorrow to continue discussions.)  Had a nice lunch with my mother and Mary, but Mary now has pneumonia.  She's also frustrated with trying to get information from the doctors and with the fact that the nurses won't listen to her.

This afternoon before diving into some work, I threw a ball in the backyard for Diva.  Twice, the ball got stuck in the fence.  Once (top pic) there was still enough force on my throw that when it reached the back fence, it bounced up and stuck.  The other time (bottom pic) when I was trying to throw around the tree, the ball hit the tree and promptly lodged itself in the fence.  When this happens, Diva doesn't know what to do.  She hasn't tried to get the ball out of the fence, and I'd rather keep it that way.  (I store the balls in the fence near the house so they're not run over by a lawn mower.)

Looking forward to a quiet evening where I can hopefully quiet my mind.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

179 - Adjustment

Lunch plans today were cancelled, so I made a quick call to the chiropractor.  My neck had been out for the past week, but I just wasn't able to find a convenient time to get in.  I had Diva with me at the office (she was part of the lunch plans), and fortunately, my chiropractor is dog-friendly.  Both of us went in.  She got scratched on the head, and I got my atlas adjusted.  Was a good girl and came home to simply rest for a couple of hours.  Hoping the adjustment holds!


Monday, January 25, 2010

178 - Managing Time

Acting class is Sunday evenings.  Typically don't get home until after 9.  This sets me up for starting out the week tired.  Then there's bowling on Monday night's, where I don't get home until going on 10.  At that point, I'm shot for the week even with nothing scheduled on Tuesday.  I knew I needed to change something, and since we can pre-bowl, I'm going to pre-bowl until the acting class is over.  This is a good thing as I will hopefully have energy to get something done on Tuesday night's.  I'll miss seeing my team mates, but getting the rest is more important.  A candle can only have so many wicks!

Time to relax a bit.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

177 - Stillness

Acting class tonight.  After doing my monologue in which I allowed the character's frustration to come out in my movements, Caryl instructed me to do the monologue without moving.  Allow the energy that would be in your actions and movement to come out in your delivery and facial expression.  Oy!  Talk without using my hands?  Be on stage without pacing.  Let me tell you, it was hard.  Let me tell you, it was very vulnerable.  But let me tell you, it was powerful.  Even I, while fighting the urge to move, could feel the change.  It was scary as hell, but the second time through (without moving) was, wow.  This is why I'm taking her class.  This acting thing is just incredible.


176 - Circles

I think sometimes we're lucky when we can look back and see a specific defining moment in our lives.  A specific defining moment in mine was writting about in blog 161.  Without that, back in 2005, would a wonderful Saturday night like last night have happened???

The G's and I had been chatting for a while that we needed to get together for dinner or S'bucks so we could spend some time with one another.  Finally, we were able to do that.  Before going to see "Dearly Beloved" at Theatre Jax, we met for dinner at Stonewood Grill and Tavern.  This restaurant, a step up from the Chili's type of places, is one of my favorites when I want a nice dinner.  Have never had a bad meal there, the ambiance is great, and they know how to make a drink!  The G's had never been there, so I was glad to introduce them to Stonewood.  I think we all enjoyed our meal - every plate was cleaned!

There's nothing better than a great meal accompanied by wonderful conversation with people you admire and love.  The G's and I come from so very different backgrounds, but we have one thing in common - theatre.  It was so enjoyable hearing some of their stories of growing up so close to Broadway, as well as current projects.  We were able to talk more about our daily lives than we had time for while working together on ITW.  I find my life enriched more by having them in it.

I look forward to seeing them again soon since they're all in OPCT's production of Oliver.

Life is very good.  :-)


Friday, January 22, 2010

175 - Technology

After 2 weeks of not having internet or email on my phone (yes, ::gasp::, it was just a phone), I finally got my new company phone.  Everyone is going to iPhones, but I told my boss I didn't want one.  I type way too much on my phone to not be able to touch type.  So, I now have a VX6800 (pictured above).  My email accounts are setup, but I still have to get all my other settings done.  At least, though, my "life lines" are set up.  No more having to leave work email up on my computer on the weekends.

I also finally think I have all the parts in place to change over to a new computer at home.  Still trying to figure out where I'm going to put a 5th monitor in my current 2 desk setup as I'm going to reformat my old computer and continue to use it.  Have the KVM switch, extra harddrives, video card, etc., just need to find the room.  Oh, the absolute coolest thing - I can connect my PC to my TV.  Online shows now play on the TV, and if I ever get glasses, I can use my 32" HD TV as an additional monitor.  How freaking cool is that!!!

Time to put technology away, and pick up a book.  Starting a new one tonight.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

174 - The Burn

Tap class tonight.  Missed last week because of that stupid sinus infection, and then since A Chorus Line was last night, our class was moved to Thursday.  I really do enjoy tap, but boy is it hard on my ankles.  Way too many ankle injuries (the latest being an injury to both left and right in the past 18 months) for this to come easily.  It's worth it, though.  I'm sure that the work out they get from tap will help strenghten them, and having to do so much on one foot will help my balance as well.

Crazy enough, I'm considering a Tuesday class as well.  Oy!


This will never be me, but I like the picture.

173 - What If Today Were The Day?

After a day filled with all sorts of hardware issues, both in the office and at home, it was so nice to go out to dinner and then see the tour production of "A Chorus Line."  Haze and I saw the revival in New York, December 2006; I wondered how this would stack up.  It didn't do too badly.  I actually liked this Cassie better than Charlotte d'Amboise in NY.  However, the other cast members were better in NY, especially the character Val.  You would think that the actress singing "Dance 10, Looks 3" (aka "Tits and Ass) would actually have ... um .... tits.  Song lacks a bit of a punch without the props (?) to back it up.  And while the actress playing Diana Morales didn't really wow me with "Nobody," I was moved with "What I Did For Love."  Absolutely LOVED the vocal ending.  They probably did that in NY too, but I don't remember it.

2 things with last night's show - the scene leading up to "What I Did For Love" and the scene around "The Music and the Mirrors."

Prior to "What I Did For Love," Zach asks, "But if today were the day you had to stop dancing. How would you feel?"  When I saw the show in NY, I immediately thought, what if I couldn't sing any more.  It was heart wrenching to think I could lose something that in many ways I use to define myself.  In 3 short years, that reaction moved to include acting.  What if I couldn't do theatre anymore?  I know I would "point me toward tomorrow," but I also know there would be this huge void.

But more than that scene, Cassie and her desire to dance on stage, even if it is in the chorus, was the impact moment.  I wish I could find a copy of the script online because there was one line Cassie had that said it all.  That part of the show made me think of "Into the Woods."  I didn't care that I had a small role, I was in a SONDHEIM musical at Theatre Jax, and I was in another show!  That's all that really mattered to me.  I don't know that I'll ever be leading lady material, but as long as I can continue "working," I think I'm happy.

"God, I hope I get it!!!"


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

172 - Cold As Ice

You're as cold as ice
You're willing to sacrifice our love
You never take advice
Someday you'll pay the price, I know

By far, the funniest and coolest thing to happen today was at lunch. The morning was so busy that I never did eat breakfast, so I decided to treat myself to a Five Guys burger. When I walked in around 12:30, I could tell that most people were still adhering to their New Year's resolutions. The place was only about 25% full, instead of packed like it usually is at that time of day. Place my order, got my drink and was waiting for my burger when “Cold As Ice” (Foreigner) came on. One of the cooks started singing along, and soon, everyone behind the counter was singing… and not singing softly! I smiled and enjoyed the show. Glancing around, I saw that most of the customers were smiling too. The song was still playing when I left, so I don’t know if they got applause when it was over, but it was very cool. Still has me smiling (and singing “Cold As Ice”).

Those who know me well know that I HATE yard work. Tuesday is the day when my yard man typically visits, but with it being winter, he hasn’t been here since end of November. I was disappointed today that he didn’t come by … I really wanted him to mulch up all the leaves with his mower. By 4:30 today, I couldn’t handle it any longer and knew I had to try to rake and bag the leaves. I say “try” because lately I’ve had really bad acid reflux reaction if I did any kind of activity that had me bending over. I figured I’d do just a couple bags hoping not to aggravate it. Well, I guess the new Prevacid 24 is working, and I was cautious not to bend over too much. I got it all done. The pictorial presentation is below. I feel MUCH better about the back yard. (Still have to do the front yard, but it doesn’t bother me as much.)


Last summer, the one tree in my back yard.

 Same tree this afternoon.

 Before I started raking.

Leaves are piled 18-24 inches high.

Diva just as to help.

After the leaves are all bagged and tagged.

Next ... the gutters.  They're FULL.

Monday, January 18, 2010

171 - Monday, Monday

Monday Monday, can't trust that day,
Monday Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be
Oh Monday Monday, how yould cou leave and not take me.

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, but Oliver was insistent.  Why?  I have no clue.  I had left the sliding door open, so he was able to go in the back yard.  He had food and water.  Guess he just wanted his Mom UP!  So, up it was. 

As far as Mondays go, however, it wasn't a bad day.  Had some more programming changes to make on my 1099 program as the IRS was kicking the file out.  Those were successfully done, and the Commissions Department is printing the forms.  Yea!  Bowling wasn't my best night, but it wasn't bad either.  It was good to see Jan and Barb again after our 4 week break.  Now ready for some shut-eye.


170 - Guinea Piggedness

I was finally able to spend some “quality” time with Mary on Sunday. Teri and Donna brought bbq lunch to the rehab center, and we crowded around her bed to eat lunch with her and hopefully pick her spirits up a bit. I just love Mary. At 84 years old, recovering from cervical spinal surgery, facing lumbar spinal surgery, trying to regain the use of her hands and legs, she still has a quick wit and awesome sense of humor.

Teri had brought in a power strip so she could plug both her cell phone and her DVD player in at the same time. Evidently, that’s against the rules (but it’s not posted anywhere or in the paperwork). The maintenance man tried to confiscate the power strip, but she told him absolutely not, just put it in the closet. When she told us about this, she ended with, “They didn’t like this maintenance man running down the hall with an 84 year old woman clutching his pant leg!”

She also said something like, “Since Florida takes old folks.” I had absolutely no clue what she was referring to; Teri translated for me. The University of Florida has a program where a person can bequeath their body (after passing of course) to science, regardless of the person’s age. So, “Florida takes old folks.” This turned into Mary’s “guinea piggedness” and how she will be their guinea pig when that time comes (many years from now). Once their done with the “old folk,” they cremate and sprinkle the ashes in the Gulf of Mexico (if the family doesn’t want them back). Mary wants to be sprinkled. My comment, without hesitation, was that if we have a hurricate named “Mary” after that, I was going to hunt her down in the afterlife!!!

Before leaving, we made sure to take a picture of her in her University of Tennessee snuggie. You see, Teri and Donna had the audacity of getting her a University of Florida snuggie. Oh my. You know I just can’t let that go. She had to then have a UT snuggie. All that blue… I get the creepy-crawlies up my back just thinking of it! Of course, the nurses and PTs have threatened all sorts of ugly things against the UT snuggie, but she’s bravely keeping it safe! I think she looks just fantastic in that wonderful orange!

It was pretty awesome to be able to have the conversation and joking that we’ve had on so many occasions. I know it lifted my spirits; I so hope it lifted hers.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

169 - Ghosts

Ah, Saturday night at the theatre, and it was time to take in "Ghosts" at ABET.  With all of our science fiction and horror flicks today, the title can be mis-leading.  I, as usual, did my homework and read some synopses of the play before heading to the beach.  (I've found that I'm not one who enjoys a show I know nothing about.  I need to have read the plot or a synopsis so I can sit back and enjoy.)  I was most anxious to see Erik DeCicco again and see Deborah Jordan in a show.  As Tamara McClaran said in her Shorelines article: "ABET’s production offers a rare opportunity to see Deborah Jordan, head of the acting/directing program at Jacksonville University, perform in the community theater setting."  It was also a suprise, and joy, to see Richard Sheffler again.  I saw him in "Other Peoples Money" at Limelight a few years ago.

Lanford Wilson's version of Ghosts is a very trimmed down version of the original.  Act 1 was only 30 minutes long.  At intermission, folks were asking, "Is this intermission?"  Acts 2 and 3 are run back to back with only a black-out inbetween.  I absolutely loved the curtain call - perfect for this show.

Deborah and Erik did not disappoint.  Still learning this craft, I made a point of watching Deborah when she was in a scene but not in the conversation.  I was enthralled with her acting because it didn't seem she was acting at all.  Everything was natural. 

It was a fun evening, seeing a good show and chatting with friends. 


Article on

Director's Notes
Henrik Ibsen finished the script of Ghosts in 1881. The original script was penned in Danish, and Ibsen’s title for the piece was Gengangere, which literally translated means, the ‘again walkers’. The play was then translated into English by William Archer, who, chose the title Ghosts. The play received its world premiere in Chicago in 1882, and has since been engulfed in a sea of negative publicity, mainly due to the subject matter. The play, Ghosts, is approaching its one hundred and thirtieth birthday, and still engages social questions that remain relevant today: alcoholism, sexual disease, and infidelity.

This particular version, translated by Lanford Wilson, pushes the envelope even further, drawing special attention to the transgressions of each character, not one or two. The action of this play sends the characters through multiple journeys, which force all of them to change and adapt. It is within this growth that the ghosts of past generations are unknowingly awakened and the ghosts of future generations are unwillingly created.

Friday, January 15, 2010

168 - 2 Days In 1

It was one of those mornings; one of those early mornings.  Shortly after 3am, my eyes popped open and a resounding SHIT ran through my mind.  I realized I'd forgotten to finish up some programming pertaining to commission checks and get the corresponding reports out to the managers.  I lay there for about 20 minutes running things through my mind, what still needed to be done, how quickly could I get it done, what impact was that going to have on 1099 programming.  I was at my desk (at home) by 3:30am, making notes so I wouldn't forget the solutions running through my mind, and by 4am, I was logged onto both servers starting to make the necessary changes.  The day consisted of finishing up the commission programming, changing the report design, and firing off the source code to send emails out to every manager and regional manager.  After that, it was tracking down calculation errors for the 1099's.  Around 3pm, I thought I had it licked, and then another error was pointed out to me.  In the midst of all this, I discovered that a new code my Sr. Developer had put into place to help get off the market listings off of our websites was actually causing some problems with active listings.  IMs were flying about that, as well as answering some other emails that had nothing to do with any of the above.  After 5pm, I received an email from the President of the company asking about the verbiage I put on the emails that had gone out.  Yep, I blew it.  I apologized, and changed the coding for the email body right then so I wouldn't forget to do it later.  6:45pm, I'm finally logging off work.  Yes, that's a 15+ hour day.... does that mean I get a day off soon?  (Not.)

The positives - 1099 calculation errors are fixed, and nothing is held over to be done this weekend.  My brain is tired.  I'm ready to fix some dinner and zone out in front of the tv.  Exciting Friday night!!!


167 - Almost Too Close

Thursday was just a day.  Actually went into the office for a few hours, then finished the day at home.  I sat down at my desk a couple of times to write my blog, but it just wasn't there.  Guess not feeling well along with a boring day left me with writer's block.  As I look back at yesterday, there are positives -
   *  I felt well enough to go into the office
   *  I found out a friend's wife is pregnant (SURPRISE)
   *  The Lady Vols were televised last night against Florida

I had every intention of going to the game in Gainesville, but my schedule plus the sinus infection just made it impossible.  Fortunately, CSS televised the game.  After starting off like their shorts were on fire, the Lady Vols seemed to have met their match.  With 31 seconds on the clock, the game was tied and Tennessee was ready to inbound.  They needed to score with as little time left on the game clock as possible, but Florida would still get a possession.  After all, the shot clock is 30 seconds.  UT did score with 2 seconds left on the clock.  Florida got the ball in, down the court to the arc, and just missed a shot as time ran out.

Pat keeps saying that the Lady Vols (#4 in the country) are over-rated.  I see what she means now.  While I am a die-hard Lady Vol fan, hat's off to the Lady Gators.  I loved their energy and execution.  More than that, I love the strength of the SEC in women's basketball.

Having the game televised, and UT getting the win was very much a positive to that day.


This LOLCat did have me actually laughing out loud last night.  :-)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

166 - Positive Energy

Positive Energy
I am a conduit for universal energy, allowing me to do good and righteous things. May this pure and positive force guide my every thought and action.

Some people use their blogs to spout their religious or political beliefs, and some use it to just rant. My friends focus on the positive – what they’re grateful for or the positive things that happen in their lives. My blog, for the past 165 days, has been to find the positive in each day, and suffice to say, I’ve managed to do that. Today, with the situation in Haiti, it seems a little selfish to look at my day and spout the positive.

The images on the news were horrible tonight, and I know we weren’t seeing the worst of it. My eyes filled with tears at the corpse of a baby lying there outside of a medical facility where people have been waiting outside in line since last night, where they say they don’t have enough gas for the generators or medicines to see everyone. I was angered horribly when I saw the video clip of Pat Robertson saying that Haiti swore a pact with the Devil in 1791 and thus has been cursed. He said that is may be a “blessing in disguise.” How, I ask, can the death of possibly over 100,000 people be a blessing in disguise? The worst thing to happen to this generation of Americans was when we were attacked on September 11, 2001. Imagine that happening over 30 times in the same day … that’s what it would have taken for us to lose 100,000 people.

I don’t partake in political discussions, and I don’t share my political beliefs. That is between me and my conscience. I also don’t partake in religious discussions as that is something very personal to each human being. One thing, though, that most of my friends know I believe in is the power of energy. Positive energy begets positive energy. The religious folks want to call it “prayer.” I have no problem with that. A rose by any other name ….

We do live in a very wealthy country, and have, by far, more than folks in most all other countries. We have freedoms and liberties that people elsewhere don’t even dream exist. What can we do for this little country that’s only 700 miles off the coast of our own state? There are a number of places around that are collecting supplies to go to Haiti. Next time I go to the grocery store, I’ll pick up an extra case of water or two and drop it off. It doesn’t take that much more out of my pocketbook or time out of my day.

We also can meditate, pray, send them positive energy. In typing it, it looks kind of ridiculous, but I really do believe that it can help. The universe is made up of energy; everything is energy. Surely, the positive energy that we put forth will help.

Yes, there is a positive to this day. It’s knowing that in some small way, I can help … and I will.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

165 - Sci-Fi

This morning, I didn't feel as badly as I had the past few days, felt like maybe the antibiotics were finally kicking this infection.  That said, I sat at my desk, without a break, longer than I should have.  Around 2:30, I headed for the couch, figuring I'd throw a DVD in and fall asleep.  Instead, I watched the first 4 episodes of Sanctuary, Season 1.

It's no secret that I like sci-fi shows.  Recently watched the new show "Caprica," which is set 50+ years before Battlestar Galactica.  Nope.  Never watched Battlestar, but figured I'd check out the new series.  I like it.  Love Frindge (FOX) and still watch re-runs of The X-Files.  Yep; sci-fi is right up my alley.  My friend Haze had recommended Sanctuary; said she and Stu were really enjoying it.  I have to say, we have the same taste. 

The tag line is "Even things that go bump in the night need protection."  The Sanctuary is the place where "abnormals" can be protected.  As I was watching, I kept thinking the lead character looked familiar.  Then I realized it was Amanda Tappings from Stargate SG-1.  Of course, it was difficult for me to recognize her when she went from mid-30's character with short blonde hair to a 150+ year old doctor with long brunette hair.  Go figure.  And to top it off, she has a propensity for wearing very long blazers, which I absolutely love!

As an actor, I found this very interesting: "Sanctuary blazes a trail across the TV landscape with never-before-seen production technology. Sanctuary is the first series to shoot extensively on green screen, using virtual sets and extraordinary visual effects."

Two positives wrapped up in this - another TV series to capture my attention, and this bug has eased enough that I didn't fall asleep.

A follow-up on yesterday's post, 164-You Rang?.  Oliver is still not consistent on ringing the chimes for me to let him out, but he's getting there.  I lowered them so they're now at nose level, which is helping.  I don't see this so much as training a cat; I see it as me showing him how to train me.  (And JSG, Diva would get scared by her own tail!)


Monday, January 11, 2010

164 - You Rang?

When I first got Diva, I decided that I would train her to "bell" or "chime" as I call it in my house.  I'd seen a clip on TV about dog owners who trained their dogs to ring a bell hanging by the door when they wanted to go out.  Well, I didn't have a bell, but I had some old, small wind chimes that I thought would do the trick.  And yes, it does the trick.  She'll hit the chimes with her nose, and if I don't move, look over her shoulder at me.  If I still don't move, she hits them harder and sits down to stare out the sliding door.  It works really well because I don't have to guess at what she wants and I don't have to be watching her.  However, it also means that I'm her "bell hop."

Well, now that the back yard is fenced in, I've decided to try to train Oliver, at 9 years old, to do the same thing.  After just 3 or 4 days of periodically showing him that ringing the chimes will have me open the door, he's now done it a few times himself.  He'll go to the door and meow for a little while, but then if I wait, I finally hear the chimes.  Who says you can't teach an old cat new tricks.  :-)


Sunday, January 10, 2010

163 - I Feel

The LOLCat just about sums it up.  Without cold medicine, I'm struggling to breath, blowing my nose and coughing.  With cold medicine, I'm zombyish with sinus headache and sore throat.  Don't know what's so "common" about the common cold.  These lines, however, have been running through my head all afternoon:

I feel shitty, not so pretty,
I feel shitty, not whitty, not bright.
And I pity
Any one who visits me tonight.

Positives on a day like today - I didn't have to go anywhere, though I did have to cancel my plans for tonight.  At least no one there will catch this. 

Also, EJG and ML cracked me up with their FB Posts.

From EJG:  All you people in the rest of the country.... stop telling us Floridians to quit whining. How would you like to wake up to 70 degree weather in the middle of January? You wouldn't like it, would you? You keep your weather... and we'll keep ours.

From ML:  URGENT FACEBOOK VIRUS ALERT. An email recently went out to women asking them to post the color of their bra. THIS IS A VIRUS. To fix it, you must remove your bra, then go to settings--->Enable Webcam--->Record Movie. Please re post this to your status.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

162 - Embrace Your Inner Dwarf

I don't think this has ever happened to me before.  I was feeling terrible this morning, so I took some Dayquil for this stupid cold.  When the Dayquil worked and the congestion eased, I had a freaking allergy attack.  What did I do to piss off the Universe today?   Fortunately, the sneezing stopped around 5pm, and I'm back to being congested.  There's a positive in here somewhere ... oh yeah, I stopped sneezing.



161 - The Oldest Profession

I like positive nights. In spite of this yucky cold, Friday night was a wonderful night of whoring around.

Haze and I hadn’t done our “Christmas” yet; Friday was it. Dinner first at Cortesses Bistro in St. Augustine. If you hadn’t been there, it’s worth the trip and the price. The restaurant is a restored home, with candles on the table and beautiful art on the walls. The staff is courteous and attentive; the food exceptional. I teased Haze that it wasn’t too hot to eat outside at the tables underneath a 100+ year old oak tree. (It was in the low 40’s when we got there.) Bistro also has the “Wine Cellar,” a bar on the other side of the court yard, which often has live entertainment. When I was in Limelight’s 15th Anniversary Celebration, the courtyard was our favorite haunt after the show. In fact, that’s where I first had a “red headed slut.”

After a wonderful dinner, not just the food but the conversation too, catching up since we don’t have that opportunity that much anymore, it was time to head just a few blocks away to see Limelight’s “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” What fun!!!

Haze hadn’t been to Limelight since they had completed their massive renovations, and I’d only been down once (not for a show). I gave Haze my “nickel tour,” showing her where the original walls had been, what had been added on and changed. Saw Beth and Anne before the show.

“Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” The show was so much fun to watch, and Amy was simply amazing. It’s a big cast, over 20, and most did a remarkable job. Just loved Don Runk’s “The Side-Step.” The young woman who played Doatsy Mae was just wonderful, and loved her singing of “Doatsy Mae.” Amy Farmer, who played Miss Mona (Dolly Parton’s roll in the movie) did a phenomenal job with a hard role. I’ve seen her in a few other shows, but those shows didn’t show off her incredible talent like this one did. Just loved ‘Girl, You’re a Woman,” and her rendition of “I’ll Always Love You” (not in the original Broadway show) should have stopped the show, it was that good. Only 2 disappointments – “Hard Candy Christmas” (my favorite song in this how) and the fact that Shelli was out of town (director and music director) so I didn’t get to see her.

I created the pic above from Limelight’s website. What I love in it is, “Sold Out!” They actually added two additional shows, and those have now sold out as well. What a wonderful thing to see in community theatre.

I owe a lot to Limelight Theatre, Beth, Anne, Shelli and Gary. In late Summer of ’05, the folks and I went to see “Smoke on the Mountain.” At intermissions, Anne struck up a conversation with Mother and Dad, who then started talking about me. After the show, Mother and Dad found Anne to introduce us; she told me about the auditions for “The Spitfire Grill” the end of January. Told me I really should audition. That put the bug in my head. I did go to the audition, and was the last person to leave. They wanted me to sight-sing one of Hannah’s ballads. Oh boy. That role was the lowest in the show, and everything I sang prior to then was in my upper register. They also talked to me for a bit. I’ll never forget Beth saying that she was very concerned about my not having done any theatre. I walked away that night very confused. Felt being asked to sight-sing the ballad was a good sign, but Beth’s comments concerned me. The next day, Beth called me and said, “I think we found our Hannah. We were blown away when you sang that song.” WOW. We rehearsed for 2 and a half weeks, and did 25 shows.

Why the history paragraph? Well, because it’s my blog and I can. But really, because the folks at Limelight took a chance on an unknown person who’d never done a show. So much of where I’m at now in the theatre community is because they took that chance. Every time I audition and get cast in a show, I want to email them a thank you. It felt so good when Beth said Friday night that she was so glad to see me doing well in theatre. So since I haven’t emailed them after every audition, I’ll now say a huge THANK YOU to Anne, Beth, Gary and Shelli for giving me my start. (And I will audition there again; my dance card has just been full lately.)

I would encourage everyone to go see Whorehouse at Limelight, but the rest of the shows are sold out. If by some chance Beth can convince the cast and musicians to do a couple of more shows, get your tickets ASAP.


An LOLCat in closing....